Tools to get unstuck

Georgie Browne

Georgie Browne


It’s natural to find ourselves stuck in patterns. We’ve all been there, whether it’s an emotional dip, a relationship mess, career challenges, or even feeling under/overwhelmed to the point where it feels like we are spiralling. 

We can get stuck in the crevasses of our mind and need a little support finding a way to get unstuck.  


This week, after some powerful conversations in the Sonas Studio coaching room, I’m sharing some ways to navigate into clarity and spaciousness swiftly…

Orient Towards Creating Not Consuming

We consume constantly. And the vibration or quality of what we consume is directly correlated to the amount of energy we have. Could the perceived comfort of consuming what is familiar be inhibiting growth and momentum?

Change Your Environment

Sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery to get your creative juices flowing again—location therapy. Changing your environment can spark creativity, whether it’s a trip away or as simple as rearranging furniture in your office or taking your laptop outside to work in the fresh air and sunshine.

Take A Break From Technology

The constant barrage of emails and phone notifications hinders creativity. So take some time to work on projects away from technology. Give yourself space with a notebook and a pen away from digital distractions.

Be Mindful of Connections Which Weigh You Down

The secret to happiness is to be with people who inspire you. Conversations with the right people will help spark new ideas and remind you of your innate wisdom and ability.

Inspiration comes from the Latin inspiratus and means to draw air into the lungs. In our breath — you have the most amazing tool to connect with your own divine inspiration.

Draw breath deep into your lungs and be brave enough to notice how you FEEL after every conversation. As painful as it is, there are times when you will need to shed the relationships that are keeping you stuck.

Here are some journal prompts to get you started

  • where in your life are you stuck? Work/ relationships etc.
  • where can you feel it in your body? Heart racing/ tension headache/ tiredness etc.
  • How do you feel emotionally? Overwhelmed/ sad/anxious etc.
  • What would you like to feel? Grounded, peaceful, energised etc.
  • List three practical steps you can take to move forward? Such as getting to bed early / introducing morning meditation / working with a coach.

When I’m feeling stuck, the words of Mary Oliver are often my go-to. This poem reminds me that I’ve created the conditions in my life — and at any moment, I can choose to jump out of my comfort zone into the fresh, expansive aliveness of life.

Almost a Conversation

I have not really, not yet, talked with otter
about his life.
He has so many teeth, he has trouble
with vowels.
Wherefore our understanding
is all body expression —
he swims like the sleekest fish,
he dives and exhales and lifts a trail of bubbles.
Little by little he trusts my eyes
and my curious body sitting on the shore.
Sometimes he comes close.
I admire his whiskers
and his dark fur which I would rather die than wear.
He has no words, still what he tells about his life is clear.
He does not own a computer.
He imagines the river will last forever.
He does not envy the dry house I live in.
He does not wonder who or what it is that I worship.
He wonders, morning after morning, that the river
is so cold and fresh and alive, and still
I don't jump in.