The Butterfly's Struggle

Georgie Browne

Georgie Browne


There is a story retold by Paulo Coelho that is sometimes used to help people relate to the coaching journey. A butterfly is struggling to break free from its cocoon; a man comes along and decides to help it. He took a pair of scissors and carefully cut open the cocoon, allowing the butterfly to emerge. However, to his surprise, the butterfly that came out had a swollen body and shrivelled wings. It couldn’t fly properly and could only crawl around.


In his kindness, the man had not realised that the struggle to emerge from the cocoon was crucial for the butterfly’s development. The struggle was nature’s way of forcing fluid from the butterfly’s body into its wings, making them strong and ready for flight. By intervening and removing the struggle, the man unintentionally hindered the butterfly’s ability to develop and thrive fully.

Embracing Your Metamorphosis

Picture yourself as that little creature, working to emerge from your cocoon, ready to emerge after three very challenging years. As the butterfly’s struggle strengthens its wings, your journey through obstacles shapes your life. The small opening ahead is your chance to unfold your wings and embrace your best self.

The Role Of Your Coach

The coach is an observer who witnesses the butterfly’s struggle. Here to remind you that challenges aren’t roadblocks but pathways. Together, the coach and coachee explore paths and discover the growth they hold.

The Coaching Process

The role of your coach is not to pull you out of the cocoon or snip away the edges to make it easier. As tempting as it might be to try to help you sidestep discomfort, growth lies within those moments. 

Just as the butterfly’s wings gain strength from its struggle, your efforts will shape your progress. We’ll work on strategies that empower you to embrace challenges and cultivate your strengths.

Unlocking Your Potential

This transformation is about nurturing your potential. Similar to the butterfly, your growth is driven by your dedication. As a positive psychology coach, I support and provide insights and tools to help you unfurl your wings. Together, we’ll discover how to navigate your unique journey and discover answers you didn’t know you knew!


Though the road might be winding, each step is a part of your progress. Coaching is a safe space for you to grow and develop.