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What do entrepreneurs say about Georgie?

I met Georgie at the Meta Boost Event where she anchored a structured networking session. This session really challenged me to address the most pertinent challenges my Business was facing and how to overcome them. Georgie created a safe space that allowed for vulnerability; addressing my biggest challenge became a little emotional for me as My biggest challenge is also my biggest strength Georgie encouraged our partners to dig deep to advise us on how to overcome this challenge which really worked because I received the most amazing advice which led to a few tears and hugs. Thank you Georgie for such an impactful session you are Awesome!!
Felicia Awe
Awe-Some Creations
mindset skills training, georgie browne
A genuine coach that has your best interest at heart.
I got the opportunity to meet Georgie as I am starting a new project and like many people, we tend to jump straight in and get going with it. Georgie really helped me to take a step back and take a minute to think about what I can do to push this project forward and the areas that I need help with also.
Georgie is such a warm and positive person and I found it really easy to talk to her. Her outlook is so positive and I am pretty sure she can spin any situation you throw at her into a positive while also highlighting important lessons learned from prior experiences.
I had a great experience working with Georgie and I will be reaching out to her again for advice and guidance while navigating my way through this new project I am starting. Thanks for all your help Georgie.
Darragh Ward
Georgie facilitated a half day workshop for my group at New Frontiers, the Irish national programme for developing entrepreneurs. During the 3 hours, Georgie nailed down key concepts such as growth mindset, brought in a few interesting and valuable lessons, and most importantly, managed the group well by making sure quieter members had a chance to speak up. We all had a great time and learned a lot — I wholeheartedly recommend her
George Roth
Georgie has a way of presenting her knowledge in such a light, easy-to-understand and at the same time fun way, that I was smiling during the whole workshop and taking so many notes. Her workshop is a golden nugget worth booking. Speak to her and you will see that her communication/presentation skills, as well as her knowledge, will be worth your time and money.
Annika Turski
Founder @ Deep Blue Consulting
a month ago
Georgie is so warm and approachable. She has a wealth of knowledge, delivered in such a pleasent manner. She would be an asset to any business.
2 months ago
Working with cCork based Sonas has been life changing. Georgie is an amazing business mentor and I truly believe everyone would greatly benefit from working with her and gaining her incredible insight.
7 months ago
Your training was an absolutely refreshing take on business and what a wonderful engagement and energy you facilitated. Thank you!
7 months ago
Had a session with Georgie called The Entrepreneurial Mindset which was based around Mindful Listening and found it a very informative and tailored session. Thanks
7 months ago
Sonas Studio put on a great training for my team of New Frontiers participants. Taking us through interactive activities we learned a ton about each other, our goals, and ourselves. I would highly recommend working with Georgie to help your team realize its fuller potential.