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Why is resilience important?

The cost of stress on wellbeing is extremely high, leaving us feeling burnt out. Resilient employees remain energetic, healthy and productive during and after stressful events. They stay positive by recalling past successes and regard stressful episodes as an opportunity from which to learn – high levels of pressure leave teams and individuals struggling to see the physical signs of stress.

We are busier now than they were decades ago, despite the availability of a wide range of time-saving tech. While many people say they want to be less busy, it is tough to create a new life plan, or choose which activities to eliminate — after all, everything is important, right? This workshop will give you strategies to boost resilience while selecting how to reduce your to-do list and lighten your schedule.

What will we explore during this workshop?


To overcome change and thrive in times of uncertainty employees need resilience. It gives us the ability to stay in the eye of the storm and quickly recover from setbacks.


Resilience at work training