3 Month Mentorship

Business Mentoring



One-to-one Business Mentorship Programme

Personalised, holistic guidance to achieve your business goals and improve your health and wellness being.

Location: In Person in West Cork, Cork or Dublin City, Hybrid or Virtual via Zoom

Focus: Personal and Business Growth. A completely holistic approach to improving your mindset and well-being overall and specifically. Tools to maintain practices long after our sessions are through.

Personalisation: Sessions will be tailored to your unique goals and plans.

What to expect during our sessions:

We both want to be very clear on what you wish to focus on for our coaching, where you are committed and where you might waver over time, so to begin, I will send a deep dive set of questions for you to fill in.

The estimated completion time for the pre-work is 1 hour.

Over the course, there will be:

– 30-minute discovery consultation

— Our initial session is 90 minutes to 2 hours and, where possible, in person.

— We have a bi-weekly 75-minute mentoring sessions

*Between those sessions, we can have a 15-30-minute phone call to check in and refine the work. If you need me, I’m here.

– Exercises and practices to explore the work on a deeper level

– Tools and techniques to gain clarity, expand awareness, and bring actionable outcomes

– You will be emailed notes from the session at the end of each session.


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