Mindful Communication Words Matter

A Short Self-Empowerment Exercise Everyone Needs To Do

Each day we get to build our dreams and shape our days by stringing tiny, intriguing little words into beautiful sentences that have the power to come alive. Words change everything! They are an opportunity; they bring hope, and light, and possibility. Words create the story we tell ourselves, and the world, about who we are. Through words we can reinforce our inherent values, through mantra we can soothe our soul and lift our vibration.

Sometimes throughout the fiasco of life, we hear words that carry a different kind of weight. In the media, from friends, or perhaps we start to say them ourselves. Subconsciously these words can become embedded in our thoughts, the more energy we give to them the more frequently they become present in our life. Words are a powerful lightning-bolt-of-creation born ready to illuminate the moment! Yet instead, some words make everything darker as soon they are spoken. It is vital that we take ownership of the energy that we put into the universe. Words can pass through our lips without us even realising what we have said. We make ourselves victims or cast blame – when that wasn’t our true intention.

Use the 3Ms to Realign with Your Truth

  • Meditation – Even ten minutes of daily meditation will start to rewire the pathways in your brain, releasing old default patterns.

  • Movement – Yoga is a wonderful way to release stagnant energy, all types of movement are beneficial to your mind and body and give an immediate endorphin boost.

  • Mantra – Reciting positive affirmations is a fast way to penetrate the subconscious and raise your vibration through the power of words

Let Go of Language that Holds You Back (Exercise)

This is a brand new exercise which you may have never done before, so for a few minutes come with me on a journey. Grab a pen and some paper, or open a new document and set your timer for 3 minutes. First, think about the words you hear each day, words which when you hear them make you feel a sense of disease within your body. Begin to write them down. There are some questions below which will help to start the words. The key here is not to rush, it’s a powerful exercise, which you only need to do once. If you need longer than three minutes give yourself the time.

  • What are the words that make you feel bad, or helpless?

  • Which words do you say words which make other people feel uncomfortable?

  • What words give away your power?

  • Do you use to hurt yourself (these may be spoken silently)?

  • List any words you say which hurt other people.

These words may bring you back to a place or time which you have bad memories of, so it’s important to acknowledge and release them. Let your stream of consciousness take over and write whatever comes to mind.

Create Closure

When you have written multiple words down, choose three words that feel the heaviest to you. Of these, select one word which you are going to give up forever. Write it down, and then cross it out. Every time you think, or say, or write that word choose not to go there. Delete the word from your vocabulary.

Like all habits, it will take a few weeks to ingrain permanently. And it is totally worth it. Enjoy the process of reclaiming your power and alignment. Once you have done this with one word you can come back after a few months and repeat the exercise to find another word. This simple exercise will shift blocks within you and align you with your highest self.

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