And then it began.
Not in a super excited
way, but in a calm
knowing sort of way.
With nothing to prove, and
everything to live for.

In the palm of my hand:
treasure. Held lightly.
A gentle breeze
could blow it away.

Even the most sacred,
precious, adored things,
and people

are free. Like music,
a song might move us
but it does not belong to us.
We might hear it
once — or a thousand times.
Vibrating our cells.
Sometimes healing.
Sometimes shifting.
Always serving a bigger purpose

than we know. I am certain,
feeling so much uncertainty.
I am wise, with so much to learn.
There is comfort in knowing
it’s all temporary.

Never hesitate
to leave the busyness
to the bees.

These words are an antidote to our all-to-common practices of rushing and forcing. A reminder; there is no hurry. Change cannot be forced, it happens when it happens.

Like the metamorphosis of a butterfly or the blooming of a flower. It’s never a choice. It’s a knowing.

Nourish your nervous system by choosing loving thoughts and actions toward yourself. If these words resonate put them somewhere you will see them when you need them…

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