A happy team.

A healthy business.

We help you weave wellbeing into work

Sonas provide workshops, multi-session training and key notes that will help leaders learn how to manage stress and be happier and healthier.

We believe in unlearning ‘management’ and relearning how to be human. Mindfulness-based leadership is about seeing and hearing others. Our programs are tailored to meet the needs of high-performing entrepreneurs and executives who want to being their best selves to work, and home from work. We offer workshops and multi-session training to better manage stress, improve communication skills, and increase productivity.

Our programs work – we’ve partnered with some of the top business in the world including Meta, Microsoft and Google. So why not give us a try? You have nothing to lose, and a lot of happiness to gain.

Learning & Development Training

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Which package suits your business best?


Reinvigorate your team with a 45-minute booster session


Develop healthy mental habits with a half-day or full-day workshop


Implement practical strategies with a 5/8/10 session journey or deep dive into team away days.

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Which areas would you like to explore?

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  • 69% of executives are looking to move into company who better support their well-being.

    Deloitte 2022

  • 77% of leaders report soft skills (like empathy and collaboration) as their biggest weakness, despite past training.

    Accenture (2019)

  • 66% of managers do not inspire transformation through their behaviour.

    Opinion Way (2019)