Katie McGuire | The Tech Goddess

“I never usually want to leave a review especially when it comes to training received at a large-scale event but Georgie really helped me put a lot of things into perspective. Her recent training at Meta’s Good Ideas Studio Manchester left me with a new vision for my business’ future, some tangible action points and a little more confidence in myself as an entrepreneur.”

— Katie Mc Guire | The Tech Goddess

Caitríona (Mitchell) McNamara , Head of People Operations Pointy at Google

“Georgie came to our office for a Mindfulness Seminar. She has a lovely style and approach. She also showed us a meditation technique which was highly practical and I have used several times since when my mind is racing at night, and it worked!”

— Caitríona (Mitchell) McNamara | Head of People Operations Pointy at Google

Felicia Awe | Awe-Some Creations.

“I met Georgie at the Meta Boost Event where she anchored a structured networking session. This session really challenged me to address the most pertinent challenges my Business was facing and how to overcome them.

Georgie created a safe space that allowed for vulnerability; addressing my biggest challenge became a little emotional for me as My biggest challenge is also my biggest strength …

Thank you Georgie for such an impactful session you are Awesome!!”

— Felicia Awe | Founder @ Awe-Some Creations

Flynn Blackie

“The only downside was that it was over too quickly!”

— Flynn Blackie | Founder MOD Digital

Adabara Abdullahi

“Great communication style, with highly impactful learning outcomes. I would highly recommend.”

— Adabara Abdullahi | Co-founder @ Datafy

Saoirse Donnelly Palacios, Event Manager, ICONIC Offices

“Such a pleasure to work with! Great communication, always super professional and friendly.

So knowledgeable and engaging in her webinars and always went down a hit. Would most defiantly recommend it.”

— Saoirse Donnelly Palacios | Iconic Offices, Event Manager

Steven Harris

“Georgie is a personable people-focused coach all about building behavioural engagement and workplace leadership.

Her commitment to cognitive connection and wholehearted passion just works effectively and offers a great return on investment. of your time”

—Steven Harris | New Frontiers Participant, Phase 2

Celine Kinch

“…Georgie’s warmth & positivity is completely contagious and she just has this innate ability to make you feel better about yourself and the world around you. Georgie also has this amazing natural ability to help you focus on what it is you need for your happiness, (even if your not sure what that is yourself). I have learnt so much about myself & what is important to me from my Coaching experience with Georgie&Me, as well as learning how to stop , slow down & live in the present & appreciate everything we have and the world around us(through mindfulness) Anyone be it an individual or a team looking for career coaching or just finding happiness & calm at work, look no further, Georgie will light up the room & make you feel completely at ease straight away”

— Celine Kinch

George Roth

“Georgie ran a 3-hour leadership workshop for my group and I at New Frontiers, the Irish national programme for developing entrepreneurs.

During the 3 hours, Georgie nailed down key concepts such as growth mindset, brought in a few interesting and valuable lessons, and most importantly, managed the group well by making sure quieter members had a chance to speak up.

We all had a great time and learned a lot – I wholeheartedly recommend her.”

— George Roth | Founder @ Reverse Records

Grainne Wood

“As someone who has struggled with burnout and stress across multiple public sector roles, working with Georgie was a revelation.

Georgie helped to reframe a deeply ingrained association that “work equals misery”. The coaching journey was exactly what I needed to rediscover how a career with purpose could fit within my values-driven lifestyle.

Georgie’s approach was amazing – kindness and compassion at the fore but with science to support suggestions and a wide array of tools to draw on. Her patience with the journey was endless, I couldn’t recommend her enough.”

— Grainne Wood