Your Guide To Startup Business Grants And Support Available in Ireland In 2023

How to start your own business in Ireland Are you an entrepreneur looking to start or scale your business in Ireland? Read on to learn more about the variety of resources available on the next step of your start up journey. Start-up grants are available from the government via the Local Enterprise Office, and for […]


And then it began. Not in a super excited heart-pounding-out-of-chest way, but in a calm knowing sort of way. With nothing to prove, and everything to live for. In the palm of my hand: treasure. Held lightly. A gentle breeze could blow it away. Even the most sacred, precious, adored things, and people are free. […]


Embrace all that you are —

a perfect mixture of magic and mud.

Human Connection Matters

Maybe it’s not the quality of your sleep that’s making you tired. Maybe it’s not the food you’re eating. Perhaps you’ve grown tired of overconsumption of information and watching other people’s lives on social media. Perhaps metabolising all of it is draining your energy. We consume so much more than the food we eat. It […]

Energy Reset

Energy Reset

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How to Focus: Managing Your Attention

Are you paying enough attention to what are you consuming?

By taking a step back and implementing some strategic tools it is possible to feel more in control of your time and energy. There really is nothing more important – what each of us attends to moment by moment becomes our reality.