Helping brilliant minds flourish

Development training, business coaching and meditation classes.

Here to help you live and work happily in the present moment! We are a small team based in Cork, Ireland, who care deeply about doing work that engages the heart and soul, not only the mind.
Georgie Browne sitting down, all focused on helping individuals live and work happily in the present moment.

Cultivating our innate ability to thrive

We work with individuals and businesses to support learning and development. Our framework includes:

Leadership Training:

Enhance your team’s abilities and skills to excel.

Wellbeing Pathways:

Effective mental and emotional strategies to navigate the complexities of the modern business world.

Training with Sonas is interactive and explores key topics which enhance sustainable results. We create an environment that helps shift perspectives, increase engagement and provoke conversations about the future we want. Some of the workshops delivered in 2024 are:

  • Creating a Purpose-driven high-performance Team
  • Leading with Meaning (PERMA-V)
  • Goal Setting
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset 

Sonas is an Irish word which, translated into English, means Wellbeing  Good Fortune  and Happiness

About our founder

How I can help you


of companies with a strong coaching culture achieve higher revenues compared to others in their industry.

Mindfulness-based Leadership Training.

For Your Team

Sonas create learning and development experiences to support your business and all the minds that fill it.

Unlike apps and online training, which can feel like another activity to squeeze into an already full schedule, we help our participants enhance their wellbeing, mindset and skills in real time.

Training designed to enhance the most important skills and characteristics of high-performers, leaders and creatives.

Business Coaching for Entrepreneurial Minds.

For You

Sonas provide one-to-one mentoring and coaching programs for new, experienced and rising business owners and creative professionals. Our mentoring and mindset coaching is designed to optimise your mind so that you can perform effectively in a modern-day, always-on culture.

Created for you: your busy mind, your busy life.


median ROI for CEO’s who invest in coaching, as well as transformative changes.


of companies with a strong coaching culture achieve higher revenues compared to others in their industry.

Mindfulness-based Leadership Training.

For Your Wellbeing

Sonas meditation classes — so you can find your happy, calm, serene, strong, clear, and everything else you might need in your day.

Beginner to seasoned minds welcome.


For Your Mind

There’s no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to your mind. Sure, everyone has one, but not everyone has yours. Sonas works with fast-paced organisations and individuals to leverage their existing resources and capabilities.

It’s about clarity, positivity, and the practice of it.


Awesome stat like Designers from Wales are 99% likely to need a beer

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