About sonas

Sonas provide learning and development training, business coaching and meditation classes.

Here to help you live and work happily in the present moment! We are a small team based in Cork, Ireland, who care deeply about doing work that engages the heart and soul, not only the mind. 

Sonas empowers individuals and businesses to thrive through services that address professional and personal development. I specialise in cultivating:

  • Workplace Techniques: Enhance your team’s abilities and skills to excel.

  • Mental and Emotional Strategies: Effective strategies to navigate the complexities of the modern business world.

While I understand the importance of business needs, I firmly believe that the well-being and personal development of individuals within your organisation are equally essential. We partner with companies like Meta, Enterprise Ireland, and google to deliver tailored training and events designed to empower your startup clients.

Whether we engage in training, events or coaching, ultimately, we know that each participant doing the ‘inside’ work makes the most significant difference. My job is to create the right environment so that work can happen.

Why We Exist

Sonas is devoted to helping the people we work with experience more presence and happiness through mindfulness-based practices. It’s a space for people who value self-care and seek more than just success.

Sonas is an Irish word which, translated into English, means
sonas training and coaching

About our founder

Hi, I’m Georgie Browne, Happiness Evangelist and Coach at Sonas

I’m a people development coach and consultant here to help you stay grounded in the busyness of this life!

For fifteen years, I worked in high-performance sales and leadership positions, I was a workaholic. In 2014, becoming a yoga teacher part-time was my shift towards a less target-driven mindset. Since then, I’ve dived deep into the world of mindfulness-based leadership.

It’s my mission to help people, especially creative business owners and entrepreneurs, live their dream lives and find true happiness at work.

This little corner of the universe is about empowering individuals to create a life that looks good on the outside but also feels great to them. Focusing on business needs and science-based mindset practices, I support founders, executives and managers in finding clarity within their minds while developing a strong sense of well-being through mindfulness and positive psychology approaches.

I live in the enchanting village of Ballinspittle, West Cork.

Let’s create some magic