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Sonas provides one-on-one mentoring and team solutions, using a variety of science-based practices, tools and techniques to help you do hard things, gently.

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Hi, I'm Georgie.

After 15 years of working in high-performance sales, my curiosity about human potential led me to delve deeply into mindfulness-based leadership.

We know there is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to your mind. Sure — everyone has one, but every mind is unique. 

Sonas offers practical and effective ways to support psychological wellbeing in the busyness of professional life. 


For Your Team

Mindfulness-based Leadership Training.

Sonas create learning and development experiences to support your business and all the minds that fill it.

Unlike apps and online training, which can feel like another activity to squeeze into an already full schedule, we help our participants enhance their wellbeing, mindset and skills in real time.

Training designed to enhance the most important skills and characteristics of high-performers, leaders and creatives.

For You

Business Coaching for Entrepreneurial Minds.

Sonas provide one-to-one mentoring and coaching programs for new, experienced and rising business owners and creative professionals. Our mentoring and mindset coaching is designed to optimise your mind so that you can perform effectively in a modern-day, always-on culture.

Created for you: your busy mind, your busy life.

coaching psychology at sonas with Georgie Browne

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