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Our training is loved by the world’s leading companies. We work with clients of different shapes and sizes, from fast pace global multinationals like Meta to government agencies like Enterprise Ireland. We use science-backed methods to facilitate growth and development. Attendees create meaningful connections with other participants and a unique environment to evaluate and overcome their current challenges.

One thing our clients have in common: is their desire to challenge conventional thinking and adopt a positive mindset.

For You

Sonas provide one-to-one mentoring and coaching programs for new, experienced and rising leaders. Our mentoring and mindset coaching is designed to optimise your mind so that you can perform effectively in modern-day always-on culture.

It’s been created for you: your busy mind, your busy life.

coaching psychology at sonas

There’s no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to your mind. Sure, everyone has one, but no two are the same. Using a variety of science-based practices, Sonas create learning and development experiences to support your business and all the minds that fill it.

Mindfulness-based Leadership
Training & Coaching.

Unlike apps and online training, which can feel like another activity to squeeze into an already full schedule, we help our participants enhance their wellbeing, mindset and skills in real-time, in person.

Every aspect of our training, coaching and mentoring is designed to enhance the most important skills and characteristics of high-performers, leaders and creatives.

Ready to create some magic?

Sonas facilitates training and coaching, designed to optimise the mind to perform effectively in our modern-day always-on culture.

Our client's experiences in their own words..

Sonas Mindset Solutions

The world we live in can make it appear like everyone else has it together — they don’t.

In today’s hybrid working world, leadership can take a bit more finesse to master. It’s more important than ever for businesses to prioritise their people’s wellbeing after COVID-19.

Sonas provides proven mindset programs that enable participants to refine their mindset and wellbeing to thrive from the inside out.

Recent research from 5000 companies across 100 countries shows that leadership training is more important than ever. 55% of participants noted their leader lacked compassion and was out of sync with other employees.

From experienced CEOs to successful entrepreneurs, we all need support. It is undeniable that having a healthy mindset is essential for top performance. We care deeply about embedding these ‘softer skills’ to enable individuals to do hard things. Sonas Studio’s Mindset Solutions build leadership skills like emotional intelligence, resilience, and creativity. 

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Sonas-Training and Coaching

what sonas does

A modern interpretation of ancient wisdom.

What monks, scholars, saints, philosophers, yogis, and psychologists have pursued across generations and borders, we’ve taken and applied to the modern day. We’ve kept out the tie-dye, robes, vows of abstinence, chanting, and cult sign-up sheets. But the science of it, proven time and time again, we’ve kept. Turning mindfulness and meditation into something practical that’s simple, sustainable, and can seamlessly work in our lives.

We take a unique approach to learning and development. Although we say it’s ‘simple’ that’ doesn’t mean it’s easy. During the last six years, Georgie has crafted training and mentorship programs to provide executives and entrepreneurs with invaluable resources and tools.  Developing daily practices and rituals which lead to greater self-awareness, more meaningful connection with peers and a better quality of life is all part of what we offer.

what sonas believes

Happiness, matters.

Emotions are powerful drivers of how we interact with and experience life. Everyone’s quirks make life all the more interesting — most of the time! 🙂 We recognise life as an opportunity for each person to explore what they bring uniquely to this world through their strengths, and we believe if we can nurture what is good in people, that will expand.

Using science-based positive psychology and neuro-scientific research, our suite of services reinforces methods of communication, build emotional intelligence and fundamentally increases happiness.